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Cassowary Tours

Visiting The Wet Tropics

The Wet Tropics ( Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands), which cover only 0.12% of the countries area, are home to  40% of Australia’s bird species. However, it is not only birds that are well represented here. It also has 36% of Australia’s mammal species (including 30% of the marsupials, 48% of the bats, 25% of the rodents), 25% of it’s frogs, 23% of it’s reptiles, 41% of it’s freshwater fishes, and 60% of it’s butterflies. The plant world is also well represented with 65% of the ferns, 21% of the cycads, 37% of the conifers and 30% of the countries orchids all to be found in this small area. It is a “must visit” destination for any natural history enthusiast.

Percentage of Australian Birds

Number of bird species recorded

The Endemics of the Wet Tropics


Of australian Birds can be found in the Wet Tropics

You can expect to see 200+ in a week

Number of Endemic Birds

Percentage of Mammals

Percentage of Frogs & Reptiles

Endemics only found in the wet tropics


of australian mammals can be found in the WEt Tropics


Of Australian Frogs & Reptiles can be found in the Wet Tropics

Why choose Cassowary Tours?

Ethical Tourism

We believe in ethical bird and wildlife watching as we want future generations to still be able enjoy the things we show you now.

Local Knowledge

Our experienced guides live and work in the area.

Small Groups

We specialise in small groups ranging from 1 to 6 people.

All permits

All our guides have the necessary permits, insurances, licenses and authorisations.

Air-conditioned Vehicle

All our tours use comfortable air-conditioned vehicles.

Updates from around Far North Queensland

What we are doing, seeing or hearing around Cairns, the Atherton Tablelands, Daintree, Georgeotwn, Cape York & the Gulf.

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Eastern Spinebill’s at Topaz

Eastern Spinebill’s at Topaz

These very active little honeyeaters with their dark heads, backs and wings, white chests with black crescents at the sides, buffish throat patches rimmed in black, and rich rufous/buff underparts are attractive additions to any gardens.

Bush Hens & Buff Banded Rails

The Wet Tropics has experienced a huge amount of rain in the last couple of weeks. Up here in Topaz it is a great time of year to see Buff-banded Rails and the smaller and even shyer Bush Hen.

Wompoo Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus magnificus)

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We offer a number of different tours ranging from day tours (which can be found under Birdwatching, Wildlife & Photography) to longer Accommodated Tours around the Atherton Tablelands. Looking for something further afield? Visit Around North Queensland for other north queensland accommdated tours. Fancy something more exotic? Visit Futher Afield to visit our other site which offers other Australian & oversea destinations.




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A percentage of profits from every tour is donated to the Tree Kangaroo & Mammal group. This fantastic group works to conserve tree-kangaroos and other mammals of Far North Queensland.

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Two wonderful tours. A customized Aboriginal Art & Culture and Birds in FNQ getting as far north as Musgrave. Then a Wet Tropics tour focusing on the Tablelands. Golden-winged parrots, three species of bower bird, Cassowaries below us at breakfast, a displaying Victoria’s Riflebird in the morning. Incredible rock art at Laura. I could go on and on. Thanks to Sue for planning it and feeding us so well and to Phil for getting us everywhere and pointing out the birds.

- Mary, Facebook

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